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Criminal Law Information – Why You Need a Criminal Lawyer


If you are involved in a criminal case and have decided to handle this on your own, you better have a rethink. Legal procedures could be complicated especially when it comes to criminal cases. You should jeopardize your chances of getting justice in the case by trying to do this alone. It is advisable you …

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Criminal Law Information – Understanding Stages of Criminal Prosecution

Woman Lawyer

Understanding how criminal procedure works in any state can help you make the right decisions if you are involved in anyway. For the general knowledge, criminal procedures information should help the citizen defend their rights as suspect or as a victim. The stages of criminal prosecution are one set of information every citizen should be …

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Basic Criminal Prosecution Stages You Should Understand

Since every suspect of a crime may not be convicted it makes sense to explain a process that includes stages covering those convicted and acquitted. Therefore, here are basic criminal prosecution stages you should understand. When a crime is committed (e.g. murder, arson, manslaughter, robbery, etc) a report is made to the police or the …

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Case Billing Issued To Defendants


This is the type of billing whereby the lawyer charges a fixed fee or flat fee. The amount could be $2000 flat, and this is the total amount that would be demanded by the attorney as the case is concluded. The defendant understands that this fee doesn’t change regardless of the amount of time spent …

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Criminal Law Information – Protecting the right of the Suspect in Criminal Procedure


There are set of rules and guidelines governing the administration of justice in criminal law. There arereferred to as “criminal procedure“.  In this procedure, the constitutional rights of a suspect or defendant in a criminal case must be protected. Violation of the right of the defendant may lead to his discharged or acquitted of the …

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What To Know About Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

There are a number of elements to real estate law that one should be aware of before he or she enters in to the process of purchasing or selling a home. Some of the most important elements of working through the process of purchasing or selling a home might actually surprise you. A few of …

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